Polo PH3141

$ 167.86

Information about Polo PH3141 sunglasses

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Product Details
  • Frame material: Metal
  • Rim type: Full Rim

Shiny Dark Gunmetal Brown: Polo PH3141 9157 3

Shiny Sky Lavander Violet: Polo PH3141 94341A

Shiny Cruise Green Dark Green: Polo PH3141 943571

Shiny Navy Blue Dark Blue: Polo PH3141 943680

Shiny Red Grey Mirror Silver Gradient: Polo PH3141 94376G

Shiny Royal Dark Blue: Polo PH3141 943880

Shiny Forest Green Dark Green Mirror Petrol: Polo PH3141 94396R

Shiny White Blue: Polo PH3141 944072

Shiny Yellow Dark Blue: Polo PH3141 944180

Shiny Cove Blue Light Grey Mirror Silver: Polo PH3141 94426G


55 mm 19 mm 145 mm
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