Single Vision Prescription Lenses

$ 80.00

Pick among 4 lens types based on lens index (lens thickness) All lenses include anti-glare, UV, and scratch resistant coatings

All lenses come with scratch resistant coating. Pick other options from the list.

For rimless frames only

Prescription for right eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Prescription for left eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Information about Single Vision Prescription Lenses

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Online Buying Guide for Single Vision Prescription Lenses

Product Details

Prescription lenses are supplied with eyeglasses frames purchase and are offered with many options. Please use this simple guide to determine best combination of options for you.

1. Determine index of your lenses.

Index, is also known as lenses thickness. The higher is your prescription, the thicker basic 1.5 index lenses will be. However, if your prescription is not very high, getting 1.74 index may be waste of money because lenses need to have minimum thickness to function well. Just follow this simple table to get right index for your prescription.

Basic 1.5 Index: Ideal for prescriptions with sphere +/-2.00

Durable 1.59 Index: Ideal for prescriptions with sphere +/-2.50. These lenses are good for prescriptions within +/-2.50 range and for semi-rimless frames. They are thinner, but more durable then basic lenses because they are made from Polycarbonate material

Thin 1.6 Index: Ideal for prescriptions with sphere +/- 2.75 and +/-4.00

Ulta Thin 1.67 Index: Ideal for prescriptions with sphere +/-4.00 and up

 2. Determine coatings of your lenses.

Coatings are options that enhance use of your lenses.

Scratch Resistant: Makes lenses withstand more use. Stratches will form less frequently during normal wear

Anti-reflective: Makes lenses look cleaner and more transparent due to absense of glare. Glare from light and sun is not visible to people who are looking at you. You will see clearer while driving a car at night or when wearing glasses around bright light.

UV Protection: UV-A and UV-B rays protection for general health of your eyes.

Hydrophobic: Makes lenses easy to clean with water and cotton cloth. Lenses remain clean longer and attract less dust, facial oils and rain drops

 3. Determine if you want Transitions option for your lenses and it's color.

Transitions is an option that makes your lenses change color when outside. The brighter is the sun the darker lenses will be.

Most popular Transitions color is Grey color.

Edged and mounted into frames