What is PD

The pupillary distance is an important part of designing your new glasses. It assures that when looking straight ahead, you are looking through the optical center of your lenses. PD stands for pupillary distance, distance between pupils of your eyes or distance between each eye pupil to the nose bridge.

Your glasses prescription may have this measurement on it. It can be one number, ex. 60 or 30 or it can be two numbers ex.31/30

PD is measured in mm, millimeters.

One number simply means that each of your eyes has same measure. If it's 60, it means each eye is 30. Or if it's same smaller number it will mean both eyes are same, ex. 30

Two numbers show different measure for right and left eye. Right eye is always first. Ex. 31/30 - right eye is 31 and left eye is 30.

Can you measure PD by yourself?

Ideally you get your doctor to measure it for you. You can ask your friend or relative to take the ruler and measure the distance for you.